So almost a year after giving birth, I was stuck in a rut really hoping to find my passion for fitness again! I was a college club athlete, am a physical education teacher but struggled getting back on the wagon after having my daughter! I wanted something new! I was initially very nervous about going to a CrossFit gym not knowing a thing about it but boy am I so glad I did! I have found a great way to motivate myself by continually learning new things each and every WOD and could not have found a more supportive group! Thank you Live Long CrossFit!



So many times I’ve wanted to post about this topic, but because of fear of what people would say, or think, I just deleted it. However, I wish someone would have opened up about their Postpartum Anxiety and Depression journey to help me, and know I wasn’t alone. 6.5 years ago, I began my struggle with PPD & PPA. These were suppose to be some of my happiest days, and the guilt I felt for feeling so sad, ended up being some of my darkest. I felt defeated, and ashamed of myself. Since getting an official diagnosis, I have been able to manage it with a supportive husband, family, friends, and medicine = my support team. I found my CrossFit gym in November 2018, and this is where I kicked my PPA & PPD in the butt! I gained some awesome friendships, the kind that makes your belly hurt from laughing so hard. I have gained confidence in myself (something I’ve never had), and challenge myself every day. I cannot thank my coaches enough for believing in me, and pushing me farther than my limits.



I started at Live Long CrossFit at the end of February 2019, after switching from another box. I was a CrossFitter for about 1.5 years prior to my switch. Moving to a new fitness community was a very hard choice for me, but Audrey and the members at Live Long CrossFit made me feel like a part of the family from my very first WOD. After my first visit, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for! Since my first day, I have PRd several of my lifts, improved my overall technique, and made some amazing friends. Live Long CrossFit is not just a place where I go in, do the WOD, and leave. Instead, it is a place where I am motivated to work hard, all while having a ton of fun! Coach Audrey does an excellent job teaching the correct lifting techniques and individualizing WODs in order to ensure each athlete is working at their own level. I would recommend Live Long CrossFit to anyone!



I heard of LiveLong crossfit from a close friend that was going. I recently got engaged and was looking for something to get me wedding ready. I have never been comfortable in a gym, so this was totally out of my comfort zone. The first class, I immediately felt so welcomed and comfortable. Audrey is such an amazing coach. She is very educated with everything Crossfit and she takes the time to make sure everyone had the correct form to ensure the best results and safety. I am so glad I made the decision to join Livelong crossfit, not only am I becoming healthier every day, but I also have made some life long friendships.



As a full time working mom of three, I felt like I was falling behind and failing on everything: work, social life, home, and self. Conscious of my own postpartum depression, I knew I needed to make some changes before things began to spiral further. That all changed when I found Live Long CrossFit.

After my first onramp training session, I drove home in [joyful] tears. I was overwhelmed with self-pride, and happiness from the support shown by Coach Audrey & Desiree; who equally seemed excited for me to start this journey. I knew I had just participated in something great. And I knew that this was in the right place for me and my family.

Coach Audrey genuinely cares for each athlete, and not a single practice has gone by without feeling that from her. Every class I have pushed myself further than I thought possible- with an entire room filled with support. Since joining Live Long CrossFit, I have created friendships with amazing people, improved my mental and physical health, became a better employee, friend, wife and mom.

Why do I CrossFit with Live Long CrossFit? Because it is transforming me into the best version of myself, I have ever known.



When a friend recommended that I join LiveLong CrossFit, I was very apprehensive. I had never set foot in a gym in my life, and was unsure of whether I truly had a place somewhere like this. All of this changed after my first few classes. Coach Audrey made sure that I felt welcome and comfortable, and worked with me at my personal level of fitness. I refer to Audrey and the other members as my CrossFit family, and spending time with these amazing people is often my favorite part of the day. Together, we celebrate successes and support each other during challenging workouts, always in a spirit of camaraderie. I am honored to even be associated with these athletes and am constantly inspired by their dedication, determination, and grit. I look forward to reaching my personal fitness goals alongside this fantastic crew. I would recommend LiveLong CrossFit for anyone looking to try something new, practice self care, and make some new friends along the way.